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Mechanical system architect alignment concepts

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Mechanical engineering

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Veldhoven, Netherlands


Research & Development


8+ years



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Mechanical engineering




Do you want to be part of further improving the extreme high accuracies in our machine? Do you want to make conceptual choices on system level? Do you want to be smart and pragmatic at the same time: improve the machine performance, but also make things simpler and more robust. Do you like working with many people on various levels and several technical disciplines?
Then this vacancy might be something for you…

Job Mission

Our machines consist of many modules, which need to be accurately positioned with respect
toeach other. Take ownership on system level that our machine can meet its performance and
robustness requirements:

  • Secure that sensors are positioned accurately with respect to each other, such that the machine metrology can meet its final performance (like overlay, focus etc);
  • Secure that our machine can be accurately built together in robust way. Prevent integration and alignment issues, due to too large variances in modules;
  • Minimize (or better: eliminate) realignments after service actions.

Job Description

  • Be creative, find smart alignment concepts and solutions. Collaborate with system engineering & architects to find solutions;
  • Prevent time loss (in our factory/ at customers) due to mechanical tolerance issues by generation of robust adjustment concepts and widely supported tolerance budgets;
  • Take ownership on all system level tolerance chains (identify, analyze, specify);
  • Validate achieved performance and robustness in reality;
  • Collect and analyze data.


Masters or PhD. Preferably mechanics, mechatronics, optics (with mechanical experience).


  • At least 6 years experience in mechanical analyses, preferably experience within mechanical tolerances;
  • Practical experience aligning and building together complex modules;
  • Preferably experience on metrology.

Personal skills

  • Strong analytical ability with a pragmatic attitude;Good communication skills, easily
    communicates with other disciplines;
  • Sharp and assertive. Easily challenges colleagues;
  • Strong quality drive.

Context of the position

You will be part of mechanical architecture project team. This team acts on system engineering level, and is responsible for the total mechanical architecture of the machine.

Internal referance: #LI-RO1