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Handling & Transport designer

Research & Development

Mechanical engineering

In a nutshell


Veldhoven, Netherlands


Research & Development


8+ years



Job Category

Mechanical engineering



Job Description

-Definition of lifting tools for safe, reliable, efficient and cost-effective transport and installation of ASML systems and modules.
-Work with local team and co developers to create designs, documentation and hardware.
-Educate yourself, and at the same time your team, your colleagues of all sectors, co developers, suppliers,etc on safety and regulation concerning lifting tools.
-Translate high level deliverable into feasible tooling specifications (concept design, choice of new or existing dedicated or universal tools, swap paths, inter modular interfaces, costs, cycletime, hardware need dates, volume constraints).
-Review entire lifting operations and tooling used therin on safety, ASML policies, machine damage risks, contamination.
-Create specifications, concept designs and small feasibility studies from conflicting, uncertain or already fixed requirements.
-Find all the risks that are associated with the lifting operation and find solutions to negate those risks.
-Perform and guide risk analysis sessions, both from a manufacturers and endusers point of view.
-Create and maintain a planning on the progress of all deliverables in your team, managing safe design, timing, costs and risks.
-Manage a team of local designers in their personal development and performance.
-Farm out development of tools to co-developers and manage changes and refinements in specification as well as working to recieve 'first time right' designs


Masters degree in mechanical engineering.


-Be able to read, understand and interpret complex English documents, such as legislation and standards.
-Be able to create simple models and navigate the machine surrounding with CAD (UG).
-Mechanics skills: focus on static forces/strength/kinematic contraints, verify analytical and FEM calculations
-Be able to create high level concept designs and find elegant solutions for conflicting requirements

Personal skills

-Critical thinker (be able and willing to see what possibly can go wrong, but also how this can be prevented)
-Helicopter view without losing the in depth details
-Take initiative
-Good understanding of safety
-Structural (abillity to create structure with inputs from multiple directions)
-Assertive, able to found and defend a point of view
-Influence without power
-Abstract thinker (both in processes as well as technical designs)