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Optical Architect/ Optical System Engineer

Design Engineering



In a nutshell


Veldhoven, Netherlands


Design Engineering


8+ years



Job Category

Optics, Physics




Imagine perfecting an optical system where aberrations are kept to within one thousandth of the wavelength used. One where 200kg reflectors must be positioned to within an accuracy of less than one nanometer. And then repositioned every second to compensate for millikelvin fluctuations.

Imagine using a sensitivity matrix with multiple thousands of elements to calculate how to reposition those mirrors. And imagine working with a highly motivated team, dedicated to perfecting this extreme-precision instrumentation and optical system.

If you enjoy working at (and beyond) the edge of what is possible in optics, ASML is your ideal environment.

ASML is the world's leading provider of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry. Our machines use Deep Utraviolet (DUV) and Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) light which have 193 and 13.5 nm wavelengths respectively. The necessary degree of control accuracy is so extreme and the
instrumentation needed to enable that control is so complex, that ASML optics engineers need expertise in many other fields. Colleagues in physics, mechatronics, electronics, software, thermal engineering and dynamics all share their knowledge to help each other innovate.

We are always looking for experienced optical architects/ Optical System Engineers who take a leading role as the technical responsible for the specification, design and qualification of our optical modules.

Job description

  • The Architect/System Engineer applies his or her product development expertise to define and steer the concept and detailed design studies conducted by a core team of mechatronic, metrology, thermal, dynamic, electrical and mechanical layout architects;
  • The information obtained is used by him or her to manage the complex and/or high impact design choices of the optical modules in order to secure the module performance;
  • Establish the interface between the scanner and the optical modules, possibly in collaboration with suppliers;
  • Build and coach a multi-disciplinary project team in close cooperation with the project leader;
  • Inform and align with the stakeholders, specifically neighboring projects, program, etc..
  • Able to balance the technical aspects and priorities with timing, budget and business aspects.
  • Able to build and maintain a close relationship with the major suppliers.



If you are a physicist with a system-wide view, you will certainly enjoy working here.

You have studied for example:
- experimental physics
- applied physics
- mathematical physics
- solid state physics
- chemical physics
- atomic physics.

Also, many of our team members have a background in other engineering fields, like:

- mechatronics
- electronics
- software
- thermal engineering
- thermal dynamics
- material science
- industrial engineering.


- At least 5 years of experience as architect or lead engineer of highly complex optical modules

- Demonstrated affinity to perform both detailed engineering computations and making comprehensive overviews

- Experience in an industrial setting

Personal skills

- Strong leadership and communicational skills (both technical and managerial), and ability to interact with different intercultural teams

- Excellent analytical skills and drive for quality

- Team player and builder

- Good interpersonal skills

- Able to switch between high level discussions and detailed technical work

- High abstract thinking level combined with a hands on/can do mentality.

- Able to manage a broad scope with many stakeholders that make use/set requirement to the function that you are owning.

- Pro-active.

- Flexible.

- Result-driven

- Stress-resistant.

- Regular traveling to suppliers and customer sites can be required to fulfill the job