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Finance Director China


In a nutshell


Shanghai, China








Location: Shanghai, Pudong District

This job is not a standard Finance director position

Eager to manage a business that will generate > Eur 1 bln in revenue in China every

Enjoys driving teams to make better decisions and holding them accountable for

Offers people workable & creative alternatives instead of just saying no Able and
willing to speak up, also in meetings where the CEO or CFO of the company are


The Finance Director business control China, while reporting directly to the CFO sales & deal structuring, is responsible for working directly with ASML China’s Account Teams and Customer
Support (CS) Teams to manage all financial and contractual aspects of ASML’s commercial operations in China.

Key responsibilities include:

Be the finance lead in setting up commercial deals with Chinese customers, ensuring risks and rewards for ASML and customer are clear and mutually beneficial.
Ensuring we execute on these deals by reporting compelling business insights, aimed at driving actions as opposed to informing us about the past. This can be broken down into 3 main

(i) Target / objectives setting. Ensure the selection of relevant and smart objectives that support ASML long term RequisitionLocal creation. Targets needs to drive quality improvement rather than solely compliance checks.

(ii) Set up and consolidation of management information relevant to the organization’s progress against these objectives.

(iii) Drive corrective actions and intervention by managers to continuously improve
future performance.

Recommend and implement creative out of the box options and alternatives for improving the financial and contractual terms of sales proposals, as well as dealing with issue resolution that
emerge while executing deals.

Key financial objectives include ensuring we reach our guided revenues, margins and cash flows.
Interface and align between “front-office” Sales/CS operations (i.e. Account Managers, CS Managers, Sales/CS Control, Legal, Contracts) and supporting “back-office” functions (i.e.
Sales/CS Accounting, Back-office accounting, and Corp. Financial Planning).

Prepare and monitor the Sales/CS budgets and provide required support to the Sales/CS organizations for preparing for monthly operational review meetings.

Assist in implementation and oversight of corporate initiatives impacting the Sales/CS organizations (i.e. liquidity initiative cost of ownership).

Position of the role within the ASML organization

The finance director business control reports to the CFO sales & deal structuring, who is based in Veldhoven, Netherlands.

The finance director is the business partner / sparring partner for the General Manager China.

The Chinese team, including General Manager, Finance director and others will frequently interact face-to-face with members of the executive committee. The team is also expected to present the status of its business to the ASML Executive committee about two times a year.


The ideal candidate will be able to deliver strong financial and business leadership.Ideally this individual has corporate experience in a fast growth company with emphasis on research and development,new products, and innovation.This individual should also have a successful track record in developing and overseeing strong financial controls, planning, and analysis. Key competencies required include:

Strong Financial and Business Management Skills – The role calls for someone with strong strategic abilities, able to envision alternatives for a complex business and foster critical evaluation on the part of the business heads.This individual will provide the discipline to ensure the financial team breaks down results, identifies market trends, develops alternative scenarios, and provides comprehensive financial and operating insights to drive the Chinese business.

Exceptional Communications Skills – The individual must be an outstanding communicator with the members of the management team, customers, members of the executive committee and other senior managers. This individual must have strong presentation skills (orally and written), but at the same time should be able to think on his/her feet, answer questions with the appropriate level of detail and understanding, and demonstrate a knowledge and grasp of the business to engender respect and trust. Key will be the ability to take an objective view of business issues and present this in a forceful and independent manner. ASML is a company where ‘speaking up’, and dealing with direct feedback is critical to succeed.

Leadership Abilities – The candidate is expected to provide functional and business leadership through his/her financial acumen and business experience.This involves active management of the business in real time, not just reporting the performance after the fact. They will question plans and results, pushing for improvements and enhancements, and challenging the management He/she will be a driving force within the organization for rigor, change, and
continuing improvements.The successful candidate will have demonstrated the ability to be seen as an executive as a thought leader based on their track record of success in defining strategic goals and then executing the tactical plans to achieve those goals. He or she will have the ability to envision the future and to energize and engage others in the pursuit of operational excellence as well as a “learning agility” signifying the capacity to master new situations quickly and thoroughly

Impeccable Values and Ethics – The ideal candidate will embody the strong corporate values of diversity, equal opportunity, attention to individuals and people, and commitment to local
communities.Respect for individuals and proper treatment of all people are hallmarks of this company.The individual will be committed to developing, training, and promoting individuals to more senior and broader responsibilities.He/she will have a clear demonstrated track record of hiring, motivating, and retaining a financial team with outstanding financial skills and operating perspective.

International Experience – ASML’s market is global and ASML’s activities and resources are also spread around the world. For the long-term career development with ASML, the successful candidate will need to relocate to take on leadership positions in Europe or Asia. Thus, it is important that the candidate have had experience with or at least sensitivity to working across

Team Building Skills – The candidate will have demonstrated the ability to build strong and open working relationships characterized by mutual respect between managers, peers and subordinates within the organization.He/she will is skilled in influencing people without power or hierarchical relationships. The individual in this role will be a team player who has demonstrated the ability to assess, attract, develop, coach and mentor strong talent.

Industry expertise – Knowledge of the Semiconductor industry is not a requirement. A fit with ASML corporate culture (speak up, also to senior management), and meeting the creativity and problem solving requirements are much more important than any knowledge of the Semiconductor industry. A curiosity to learn to understand the industry is essential.