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Factory - Automation & Application System Engineer - Linkou

Facility Management

Electrical engineering

In a nutshell


Linkou, Taiwan


Facility Management


3-7 years



Job Category

Electrical engineering


Responsible for the monitoring system and automatic control of the facility system- Facility Management Control System( Building Management System, Application Solutions (Hardware, Interconnection and Software).

Job Mission

1. Functional owner of Building Monitoring System (BMS) and Facility Monitoring Control System (FMCS) from sensors to PLC, SCADA, BMS.

2. Secure system integrity (capacity, safety, alarm level, back up system) of on line monitoring of technical installations on 24h basis.

3. Validate/review concept, PID, FMEA, HAZOP and commissioning testplan, test results for key projects affecting automation system.

4. Initiate analysis and propose new projects based on know-how of technical installation so as to: minimize downtime, reduce safety risk (securing FM), improve performance of technical installations, speedy and accurate diagnostic,

5. Improve and support the effectiveness and efficiency of our operation team but also provide “real-time” insight on the working of our technical installations, which you will use to increase their availability.

6. By improving our monitoring systems through automation you will increase their quality and simultaneously reduce their costs.

7. Secure know how and safe designs - Write and maintain design guidelines document for IT at ASML, lesson learned – best practice in collaboration with CRE team.

Job Description

1. Responsible of the respective systems through its complete life cycle.

2. Responsible of the reliability of the respective systems.

3. Responsible to generate, maintain, update the operation, emergency response and recovery each of the respective systems.

4. Obtain and maintain the required certification.

5. Ensure compliance to the regulation.

6. Responsible for system operation budget and assist on consolidation to budgeting.


Bachelor Eng. - Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Automation, Computer Engineering or related field.


3 years of related working experience.

Personal skills

1. Technology driven

2. Creative problem solving.

3. Qualified certificate for plc programming

4. Familiar with facility monitoring system programming language

5. Office Software Skill

6. Project Management

7. Verbal and written in English.

Other information

Qualified certificate for exclusive personnel of waste water treatment